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Tag: Apartment, Posted: , Date: 06 April 2018

What are nitrates and nitrites

There is a big difference: between nitrates (nitric acid salts) and nitrites (salts of nitrous acid) the first are safe, and the second is a toxic carcinogen.
nitrates in plant foods are not a threat, they are in all processes – it is a part of plants and their fruits. nitrates are plants synthesized  (and not taken from nitrogenous fertilizers, as was erroneously considered by some ppl), and most of them are in the stem and leaves, the smaller amount is in the root crops, and very little in the fruits;)
NITRATES are necessary for plants like air, and now the scientific world, which was all nightmarish with the need to buy a nitrate meter, already surrenders back and recognizes that nitrates are useful. Today, nitrates are recognized as useful, as are fruit/vegetables – generally recognized useful products.
BUT:!: Do not use nitrates in vittles with food additives (Ex and other Exxx), which are present in all meat products (without them they will fizz to hell), semifinished products, juices, jams and wherever a monkey with a grenade put its hand on ( human, I meant)
these are real carcinogens that bring death to all living things.

Nitrites( those artificially made) are not only 30 times more toxic than plant nitrates and are the most dangerous carcinogen, so they are also 50 times more toxic in meat products, 10 times more in fish and 5 times more in bread and cheese.

Vegetable/fruits food in its natural form is perfectly safe with all its nitrates, which take part in many chemical processes of our body (and synthesizes many of nitrAtes in the gastrointestinal tract, with the help of bacteria, they turn into nitric oxide, which improves blood flow in human body system , lowers blood pressure and protects blood vessels).
in beets, such as nitrates as much as 700+- mg per Lb and in spinach 500+- mg / Lb, it is the most useful & nutritious foods that good to eat in any amount
But as soon as they get processed (boiled) all the benefits turn into poison, mixed with carcinogens.
the scheme is simple: in raw plant foods, there are antioxidants that do not allow the conversion of nitrAtes to nitrItes (into carcinogens in simple terms), but if the plant food is destroyed by heat treatment, then nothing will do this work (all “workers” (enzymatic inhibitors) have died and turned into poisonous carcinogens. Remember that enzymes are living “nano-robots” that are present in any vegetation they do many of chemical reactions that designed only for them but it all dies in the heat treatment that is over 118 F.

Rich in natural nitrates, vegetables and fruits can become a medicine that prevents disorders in the circulatory system and reduces the risk of developing senile dementia

Some scientists believe that products containing nitrates, contrary to popular belief, are useful. These are considered to be harmful substances, can lower the high blood pressure, promote digestion, and cut the risk of developing senile dementia. Researchers emphasize that such winter vegetables as red beets, spinach, arugula, and cabbage, naturally contain a lot of nitrates because of lack of light.

Nitrates enter plants not only with fertilizers. The plant takes nitrogen from the soil and accumulates it in the leaves, turning it into nitrates, they explain. If the plant receives a lot of sunlight, nitrates are transformed into proteins, if not – and stay in the form of nitrates. But from this, beets and cabbage do not become less useful.

All natural processes are designed by a brilliant “Mother Nature” and fits perfectly into a human digestive process

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