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Large Catering Orders

Large Catering Orders

Large Catering Orders


Our food is always The Handmade, Raw, Vegan, Organic  We believe that the best food we eat is grown from the Earth by organic farmers and natural food enthusiasts,. It’s always hand-checked for quality and lovingly prepared into unforgettable vittles by the hands of the chefs. That’s why we at  Raw Vittles follow the Farm-to-your table approach, obtaining the product from hand-picked “Certified Organic” farms after getting best results from lab soil tests of the farms and confirmation that there are no any harsh chemicals in the soil and the produce.

All tests always conducted with the first-hand knowledge of the farmers.
We are Bay Area Catering company that uses fresh locally grown in season, when possible, produce for all the events and we can cater your next event in style.

What sets us apart from other Bay Area caterers is that we prepare only “Handmade, Raw, Vegan, Organic food”. No companies yet on the local market preparing food as we do, we guarantee the freshest live food possible.

We believe that uncooked food preserves live enzymes so much needed to nourish our body and it is the healthiest and the best for human body function!
We at Raw Vittles understand the demands and needs of a fast-paced, network-oriented environment. Food nourishes the body and mind and can help reinvigorate any meeting, event, or conference attendee. We give fresh and healthy options, with attention paid to details of any order. Whether it is a company holiday party at the office, corporate catering, festival food, family functions, and catering for large group events of up to 200 people. or a business meeting, please consider us for your special food service needs.
Our staff will be with you to take all the stress out of your event and handle the details that will make your event unforgettable. We know that food is just one part of it – the details are what make it so special!
We are always creating the ideal environment and menu for your event. Everything we chop, dice, mince, prepare, arrange and plate we do with specially created, carefully studied and skillfully developed methods of preparation , so that whether you choose a salad, “Vegangers ©” (Vegan sandwich), raw-vegan soup, lasagna, vegetable recipes or vegan desserts: your food is always perfect. We always adequately handling ever-changing requests from our clients. Please do not hesitate to ask for anything, we will do our best to make it a reality.



All ingredients are always: RAW, VEGAN, ORGANIC

Current menu price is $27 per/Lb, orders over 50 pounds $25 per/Lb

All SE, S,SD items served with available dehydrated herbs & veggies

       Savory Entree (SE)

SE1. Sprouted Wild “rice”-(seeds)or black-forbidden rice fortified with  OO,

vegetable salt or NC (opt), NY, celery bits, seasonings    

SE2. “Veganger” © made with available flat bread, zucchini or other patties, basil

pesto or SDT-pasta, avocado, onions, available greens

SE3.Cauliflower-nuts & seeds “mashed potatoes”,with VF,seasonings, (version#2 with carrots and turmeric)

SE4.Marinated bell peppers(mini or large) staffed with variety of stuffing,by request: spouted rice

(forbidden or/and wild) with no seasonings,  ”mashed-potatoes”, sprouted lentils, sprouted mung beans ,

or other available at the moment stuffing.

SE5.Sprouted garbanzo bean-original ( or almonds/or zucchini), with sesame butter, garlic, red

bell pepper, seasonings, (hummus)

10 more recipes available for catering orders over 50 pounds

       Soups (S)

S1 European beet soup (Borscht) made with sprouted rice, beans, veggies,fermented beets, OO,

cabbage & seasonings served with “Y” dressing.

S2. Lentil soup, made with 3 kind of lentils, mung beans & seasonings.

S3. Bell pepper soup with nuts-seeds cream, seasonings & greens,VS   

S4. Spinach-avo soup, with garlic, water, lemon, seasonings

S5. Cream of broccoli soup : lemon,water, seasonings, greens.

All soups might be served chilled or “hot” up to 100F. mild or spicy

10 more recipes available for catering orders over 50 pounds

       Side dishes (SD)

SD1. Not “Nuggets” made with soaked seeds,SDT, ACV, NC, VF, onions, carrots and corn kernels.

SD2 “Fish”-sticks made with SNAS, red onions, SDT, dill, celery, red bell pepper,OO.

SD3. Cheese with nuts & seeds, SDT,lemon, NY, OO,

SD4. Zucchini “Hash-Browns” made with onions, nuts & seeds, VF.

SD5. Fala-balls( ok with hummus) made with sprouted nuts-seeds, seasonings.

10 more recipes available for catering orders over 50 pounds

 Combine any of SD with S and SE, All food sold by the weight


        Veggie Combination Salads (VCS)

VCS1- European cube salad, made with 8 fresh veggies & green stems, 2 marinated, & 2 fermented

veggies comes with “Y” or 3D dressing

VCS2.”Fiesta”-Green salad made with 15 greens , all color veggies, & the choice of 3D or 5D dressing

VCS3. Fermented beet salad with sprouted walnuts, garlic and the choice of “Y” or 3D dressing
VCS4. Asian Noodle salad with zucchini, /pumpkin, /squash, /carrots or other veggies, or salad

cucumbers, made with SDT, seeds & basil

VCS5. Cauliflower-wild rice tabbouleh, made with cashews, cherry tomatoes, sprouted bean seeds,

cucumbers, ripe avocado


10 more recipes available for catering orders over 50 pounds

 Combine any of VCS with SD/ S/ or SE items. All food sold by the weight

                Semisweet Deserts (SSD)

SSD1. Apple Cobbler made with: raisins, cranberries, dates,lemon juice, walnuts, pecans, bananas.

SSD2. Nut free, flourless chocolate cake made with: cacao nibs, dates, mulberries, maple syrup,

vanilla extract, lemon, CB.cinnamon(opt)

SSD3. Lemon-cashews cheesecake, made with: pecans, walnuts, dates, coconut flakes-CO-CC, MS.

SSD4. Donut holes, made with SNAS, cacao nibs, and variety of fruits

SSD5. Banana pancakes made with vanilla & variety of fruits & berries,

Drinks And Juices (DAJ)

               Drinks prepared in advance

DAJ1.Virgin “Baileys” made with almond milk, CC, vanilla extract

DAJ2.Cold brewed (under 110F) coffee (60+% less acidic than hot brewed) might be served

warm(100F) or chilled, optional coconut creamer made with almond milk and maple syru

DAJ3.Vegetable juices must be prepared on demand at the catering event location ,

traditionally made out of seasonal & available at the moment carrots, cucumbers, lemons, celery,

beets, ginger, green apples, optional herbal smoothies on the base of the juices

16 Oz drink-$9, 22 Oz drink-$12 additional $2 for the smoothies preparation




Current menu price is $27 per/Lb, orders over 50 pounds $25 per/Lb



A1. SDT-sun dried tomatoes

A2. “Y”- “Yanommaise” ©-(by the name of the creator) light dressing made out of nuts

and seeds,cold pressed olive oil, coconut cream, garlic,

lemon, seasonings, taste and consistency is similar to mayo.

A3. 3D dressing : apple cider vinegar, OO, fermented eggplant sauce

A4. 5D dressing: as the 3D plus NC-Nama-Choyu and maple syrup.

A5.VF © “Vegan Fire”- originally very spicy dressing-salsa-food saver made out of spicy

peppers, onions, garlic and preserved in apple cider vinegar. Might be served mild:with temperature

down to 30%-mixed with ACV, tomatoes & red bell peppers. (optional olive oil)

A6. NY- nutritional yeast

A7. OO. Olive oil

A8. CO Coconut oil.

A9. CB- Coconut butter

A10. CC-Coconut cream

A11. NC.-“Nama – Choyu” Japanese fermented soy sauce.

A12. SNAS – sprouted nuts and seeds

A13. MS-Maple syrup