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10 Years on One Page

10 Years on One Page

10 years back in 2004 I was diagnosed with the horrible illness and 4 years lather wasting my life savings for tricky alchemists and been sent home “to enjoy” my “last few months on the planet” I was prepared for the worst. But Universe decided other-vise and with the enlightening help of non-traditional Naturopathic Doctor that believes in the natural way of healing I have turned to raw vegan lifestyle: have survived all health abnormalities and started the journey to the new way of life. I have got TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) extension program diploma and then practicing only few months and having every customer of mine asking “where to get the healthy food to overcome illness as you did?” I added to my portfolio vegetarian instructor certification and started to calculating possibilities to achieve my new dream. Since my earlier childhood losing my mother at 10 and doing my best surviving harsh environment of the soviet regime I always had the passion for food preparation. When time was right after the fall of the su I’ve built the Western style restaurant and the supermarket first at that time in my hometown. Here in the US for many years I did not have a chance to do the same but I have never

Here in the US for many years I did not have a chance to do the same but I have never gave up that idea and now days with a generous help of my friends after vining over very unpleasant health situation I have designed engineered and built within a 15 month the food truck from scratch than assembled my kitchen, obtained all necessary licenses and started the Raw, Vegan, Organic food business the journey to better health and clear mind and that is the beginning of the first step of my 3 stages innovation.

With all that been said there is the message to all mankind:

The only chance our civilisation have to survive is to get the energy from nature. “Animals are our friends-not the food, they are also having heart, filings not only instincts Our food is what “Mother Nature” meant us to have.


Everything you order at Live Food will be delivered to your door at specified time.


We use only the best ingredients to prepare the tasty and fresh, raw, vegan, organic food for you..


Our staff consists of raw food chefs, under-chefs with years of experience and prep-boys.


In our menu you’ll find a wide variety of dishes, desserts, and drinks.