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PH Miracle

Nutrition is the nutrition of raw plant foods in its initial form, without heat treatment.

Raw vegan food lifestyle is a consumption of EVERYTHING THAT “Mother Nature” Indulge us with, WITHOUT heat treatment and WITHOUT mixing.

I did not set the goal to convince someone to become a vegan-raw food eater I just provide the information and you do whatever you want with it.

  Acid-alkaline base balance (pH)

I will try to explain in simple language what is the acid-alkaline base balance (pH)

the letter P-physical and “H” in “pH” means “hydrogen”, and the “pH” itself is the hydrogen index this hydrogen index characterizes the concentration of free hydrogen ions in water, which is 60% of our body (H2O) we are discussing the acid-base balance of WATER in our body. by the way, in the human body, there are only 3 basic micro-elements: H (hydrogen) + O (oxygen) give a total of 60%. C (carbon) – 21%. then (3%), iron, magnesium, calcium and even silver, gold and lead (we have about 86 elements in all). but do you know where all the trace elements from the Mendeleev table came from? thermonuclear reactions in stars. we all consist of “Stardust”!…………… but this story is for another site;)


the balance of acid and alkali in the water looks like this (from 1 to 14):

pH <7 – acidic medium;

pH = 7 – neutral medium;

pH> 7 – alkaline medium.

so, in the human body, the acid-alkaline balance of blood must be in the “snake gloves” and its acceptable values are from 7.35 to 7.45

from this value, it is not permissible to deviate even by 7%


.. SO it turned out that if the pH = 7.05, then the person acquires a pre-coma condition at pH = 7 falls into a coma, and at 6.8 – dies.

if even simpler to say: a weak acid medium is needed to start a variety of chemical processes (for example, digestion – the medium is slightly shifted towards the acidity in the stomach)and if the pH balance in the blood is changed, then the processes will not go as planned.because in the blood is all of our building material (transmitted from the liver), proteins, antibodies, fat genes, leukocytes, nutrients and a bunch of everything else.they are set to work in this range (7.35-7.45) and the slightest shift in the work of the entire system is violated (the blood is everywhere., we have approx.52800 mi of veins and arteries:!: but only 5 liters of blood;all the regulating mechanisms of the body (including breathing, metabolism, production of hormones) are aimed at balancing the pH level by removing corrosive acid residues from the body tissues without damaging living cells. if the pH level becomes too low (acidic) or too high (alkaline), then the body cells poison themselves with their toxic emissions and die.

10 min Interview with Doctor Robert Yang.

        What PH is all about


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