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Interesting Facts

The history of herbal medicine, the use of plants as medicines, precedes written human history.

1. A large number of existing archaeological evidence indicate that people used medicinal plants in the Paleolithic, about 60,000 years ago. According to written records, the study of grasses dates back to more than 5000 years ago, during the Sumerian times, which created clay tablets with lists of hundreds of medicinal plants (eg, myrrh and opium). In 1500 BC, the ancient Egyptians wrote “Ebers Papyrus”, which contains information on more than 850 medicinal plants, including garlic, juniper, hemp, castor oil aloe and mandrake



It is important to remember that cow-eaters (or cow-bream) can cause intoxication. The greatest danger it presents in the summer, you can not only seriously poison yourself. It is dangerous to even touch the poisonous cow-bream because serious burns show on the skin almost immediately. The struggle of man with this viable variety of plant passes with varying success.

In traditional folk medicine, the flowers are used for various symptoms of nervous and skin diseases, as a sedative for seizures and epilepsy. Infusions of herbs and rhizomes have healing properties and are used for digestive disorders, catarrh of the stomach, diarrhea, as an appetizing stimulant and a spasmodic agent for dysentery. , decoctions are used for scabies.

2. Many drugs that are currently available for doctors have a long history of use as herbal medicines, including opium, aspirin, digitalis and quinine. The World Health Organization (WHO) believes that 80% of the population of some Asian and African countries are currently using phytotherapy in primary care.

3. The use and search for medicines and food additives derived from plants has accelerated in recent years. Pharmacologists, microbiologists, botanists and chemists of natural products comb the earth in search of phytochemicals that can be used to treat various diseases. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, about 25% of modern drugs are derived from plants.

With all been said the best that you can do for your body is eat: RAW, VEGAN, ORGANIC FOOD AND DRINK FRESH VEGGIE JUICES,



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