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A Beta-Carotene

Sources of carotene
Despite the fact that carotene can be obtained by chemical synthesis, it is produced primarily from natural raw materials.
The best source of carotene comes from reddish-orange colored plants (for example, pumpkin, carrots), bacteria (some strains of staphylococci), algae and fungi with a high content of the target substance.
Carotenoids are obtained by chemical synthesis and by isolation from natural sources – plants and microorganisms. Synthetic carotenoids do not have functional properties, with respect to assimilation and therapeutic effect, unlike natural, and vice versa can lead to allergy diseases.
So carotenoid in its natural form was a suitable product, and a lifeless extract (without associated bonds with its natural cell) becomes a source of disease.

Beta-carotene is the most significant of carotenes, which are unsaturated hydrocarbons. It is a fat-soluble vitamin, and it is absorbed only appropriately in the presence of fats. In the form of crystals, beta-carotene is colored in a violet-red hue, and the oily solution – in shades of yellow and orange.
It was first synthesized in 1956, but research was conducted since 1831, when Wackenroder isolated beta-carotene from carrots. Natural carotene is more active than chemically synthesized form. In addition, a synthetic analog is capable of causing allergic reactions.

Pure vitamin A (retinol) is a lipid-soluble vitamin. Vegetable sources contain a lipid-soluble precursor of vitamin A called beta-carotene. Pure vitamin A is primarily stored in the liver and in fatty tissue, for which reason we do not need a daily supply of the nutrient. Vitamin A and zinc work together. A deficiency in one nutrient will, therefore, affect the other. On a global scale, vitamin A deficiencies are widespread. In Western countries vitamin  A deficiency is normally seen in connection with chronic disease. Vitamin A is destroyed when exposed to oxygen or heat, for instance during cooking.

Beta-Carotene lakes phenomenon

A lake on the outskirts in southern Australia has turned a shade of pink because of a strange natural phenomenon.

Salt lakes in Westgate Park, Melbourne, change color every year with the season – caused by a combination of very high salt levels in the water, high temperatures, sunlight and a lack of rainfall.

According to Parks Victoria, algae growing in the salt crust at the bottom of the lake produces the red pigment, known as beta-carotene, as part of its photosynthesis process. The phenomenon is exacerbated because of the extremely high levels of salt in the water.

Lake Sasyk-Sivash in the Crimea

Magical water
The lake is located not far from the city of Evpatoria, on the Crimean peninsula. It is distinguished not only by curative mud and a special salt, which has a mass of useful substances, but also the amazing pink color of the watery surface

Озеро Сасык-Сиваш в Крыму

Previously, this lake was a shallow bay, but as a result of the storms, a sand dike gradually appeared, blocking the connection with the sea. Now it covers an area of approx. 300,000 sq.ft. 2 large resort towns – Saki and Evpatoria on its shores. The main advantage of salt in the lake is a high concentration of beta-carotene, which is a derivative of vitamin A This is a kind of stimulant of human immunity, and it is not toxic. It is used by the body as a building material for creating the mucous membrane in the digestive system, respiratory tract, glands, and for the formation of the epithelium. In addition, it prevents the cervix, colon, breast, lungs, skin and bladder cancer. The air on the lake is also healing, as the chlorine vapor released from the water cleans it, making it an excellent for inhalation.



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